Hanthana is a Linux based operating system and a Fedora remix suitable for desktop and laptop users. Hanthana comes to you in the form of a LiveDVD for regular PC (i686 & x86_64 architectures) systems. You can run Hanthana Operating System directly from the LiveDVD and check out each and every feature before installing it on your hard disk.

Hanthana has all the features of Fedora and loads of additional software including multimedia players and codecs by default. In short, Hanthana is ready to serve your office, multimedia, graphic, educational and entertainment needs immediately after installation!

Hanthana comes to you absolutely free of charge and you are free to make copies, share and distribute. See the complete list of features or get Hanthana now!

Hanthana Linux
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Hanthana Linux
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slow internet? please send a mail to iso[AT]hanthana[DOT]org. we will try to find some one who could help you.

Hanthana is an independent community remix and it is not affiliated with, or endorsed by the Fedora Project