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Hanthana 21 - Live DVD i386 Gnome 3 3.6 GB Download now    
  sha256sum db972a99fb3be00dc8ffb30d1e08662ba1fb5efefa1d73656ef16f9d7a24e35d
Hanthana 21 - Education i386 Gnome, Sugar 3.9 GB Download now    
  sha256sum 3d1dbcf1076ddf964a728e87b44e8ba7c416013164088e029fb63e6e4e98bec4
Hanthana 21 - Dev i386 KDE 4.2 GB Download now    
  sha256sum 6217a92f81a8c069fdfcffd7acafadf9ee70d30cdc9de9449c43940123be3008
Hanthana 21 - Light Edition i386 LXDE 1.3 GB Download now    
  sha256sum d336935a3a36f9caa76089b7a36b2efd01e32dc9360b266d2740eb0a6a981460
Hanthana 21 - Light Edition 2 i386 XFCE 1.3 GB Download now    
  sha256sum fc963ac77d4b4597638d2c79fb29c696ecb3da614ab765e79c6ed79d5740011f
Hanthana 21 - Live DVD x86_64 Gnome 3 3.4 GB Download now    
  sha256sum 66a5d86b7aa814c39db5ff1961f0c11589cd267f4cb756f549f7eb2239c5a0c2
Hanthana 21 - Education x86_64 Gnome, Sugar 4.1 GB* Download now    
  sha256sum 6e4d15d5fde7309e3ea1b0c21771fdd2d67c6370ee130401789ce24e9e3ee509
Hanthana 21 - Dev x86_64 KDE 4.1 GB* Download now    
  sha256sum 4cc84123538066065949d22ebb27984795565e5652b102fabfa78627265c219a
Hanthana 21 - Light Edition x86_64 LXDE 1.3 GB Download now    
  sha256sum 1ae38aafdaeb020f7e70c9dedde15ee337337bee6bc28e14a3647105bcd96305
Hanthana 21 - Light Edition 2 x86_64 XFCE 1.3 GB Download now    
  sha256sum 002ae106626f92c2a56d463c5cc38f89600432a303114c92416d0cb9578df258
Note * if you are downloading the ISO from a computer running Microsoft Windows operating system, make sure the you save the file in a partition having NTFS (or later version) file system. (FAT32/16 file systems doesn't support files over 4GB in size)


Download Hanthana Linux Documentation

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