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 Post subject: Rules
PostPosted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 11:27 am 
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All members must adhere to these rules.

Rules on Forum Username
  • The Forum username must not contain any offensive content
  • Racist content within a forum username is not allowed
  • No advertising is allowed via the forum username

Rules on Avatars
  • Avatar dimensions should be less than or equal to 100x100 pixels and the size must be less than or equal to 50 kilobytes.
  • No Pornographic/Racist/Indecent/Advertising content allowed in Avatars
  • No URL linking allowed in the avatar (Means the avatar must not be clickable)

Rules on Signatures
  • Signatures must not contain Pornographic/Racist/Indecent content.
  • Maximum length of signature file is 5 lines which includes any blank lines used for spaces..
  • Signatures should only be in black. Hyperlinks will be the default blue. No red or other colors permitted.
  • Only the standard font size to be used for signatures. No other
  • fonts should be allowed. Bold and Italics will be allowed but no large
  • fonts or Impact, Tahoma, Verdana, Georgia etc.
  • No images in signatures not even those of smilies.

Rules on Topic Names (Thread titles)
  • Empty topic names will not be allowed
  • No Pornographic/Racist/Flame Topics will be allowed
  • No single word Topics will be allowed (no topics like 'Hey' allowed)
  • Topics should be relevant to the forums in which they are posted and the topic name should be relevant to the message posted as well
  • Topics must not be links to other sites/web content
  • Graphics heavy topics should have a warning given in the topic name it self
  • Topic Spamming is not allowed

Rules on Posts
  • Empty posts will not be allowed
  • No Pornographic/Racist/Flame posts will be allowed
  • Posts should be meaningful, and add something to the topic under discussion or they may be deleted.
  • DO NOT clog up this forum with posts saying "Well done" or "I agree" or "Good Information" or something similar. Your posts will be deleted when found, and excessive posts of this nature could result in you being banned.
  • Posts containing only of a URL , Image or Emoticons will not be allowed.
  • The dimensions of Images in posts should be less than or equal to 800x600 pixels
  • No Pornographic/Racist/Indecent Images allowed in posts.
  • Spam posts are not allowed. See below on what we consider to be spam.
  • Copying and pasting of articles from elsewhere, without providing links to the source is not allowed

General Rules
  • All violations of the forum rules detected by forumers should report it to the mods or admins either by Report Post feature in the Forums or via PM.
  • NO ONE is allowed to flame another person via the forums or PM.
  • A member who gets five or more PMs against him to any one Mod/Admin will get banned. The five or more PMs should come from individual
    members of the forums (one PM per member) and it should not be from other Mods. Those who sends the PMs must be active participants of the forums who has a post count of at least 50 posts. The PM should give valid reason for the request.
  • All rule violators will get 3 warnings before action is taken against them. The actions may include total banning from the forum boards. However, Persons spamming this forum will be subject to instant banning
  • When a topic is locked by a moderator the topic creator can PM a request to any of the Moderators/Admins to unlock the topic and the
    request should contain valid reasons as to why the topic should be unlocked. If no request is sent after 5 days of locking the topic, it will be queued for deletion.
  • Upon request, a forumer's topic will be converted to a Sticky topic,provided valid reasons are given. (A PM should be sent to any Mod/Admin
    requesting this)
  • Foul Language within the forums is not allowed.
  • No pyramid schemes and other illegal activities are allowed to be advertised anywhere in the forums.
  • Excessive self promotion is not permitted there. Such topics/posts will be deleted and offending members warned/banned.
  • These rules are subject to change without any notice.

Spam Defined
What we consider to be spam :
  • Messages that are advertisements, abusive, or otherwise unwanted on this forums board are considered to be spam.
  • Posts that consists of links to external sites, with the goal of increasing search engine visibility, which contributes nothing to the
    topic in question.
  • Posts that contain anything from a single link, to dozens of links where text content is minimal and unrelated to the topic, or in a very old
    thread that is revived solely for the purpose of spamming links.
  • Posts that contributes nothing to the topic in question, just one liners who's sole purpose is to increase the post count.

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